Keep an Eye Out for Amazon’s Fire OS Update This Spring Inc. will restore the option for full-disk encryption on its Fire tablets after customer complaints reported that the security option was removed on its latest operating system.

Workout with Smart Shoes

Move over smart phones, now Smart Balance Shoes can help you ramp up your workout with soles lined with pressure sensors. These sensors can help you measure your weight distribution, balance and velocity while exercising. 

Get Rid of Ghosting on Your Applewatch

Open: Watch app on your iPhone, navigate to Accessibility, then Reduce Transparency.

Consider Going Prime if You Haven’t Already Done So

Non-Prime members will now have to spend $14 more, $49 total, to receive free shipping benefits.

Turn Your To-Do List into a Game

New apps like, Habitica, help you accomplish your daily tasks and goals by engaging users in a role playing game. Completion of tasks boosts your avatar’s standing, while the failing to do so will hurt the character.

Tame Your Inbox

Airmail for iOS is a new email app that can help you better manage your inbox.

New Ways to Pay

Apple’s new pay reader, Square, accepts payments from smartphones and cards with built-in security chips.

Looking for something to watch?

YouTube Red’s first batch of original content premiered February 10th.

Look Out for Alexa

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick customers will be receiving a software update that adds Amazon’s voice activated personal assistant, Alexa, to older hardware.

Divide Your Mac Screen

Have OSX 10.11? You can divide your screen into two and view two apps simultaneously.

Make Your iPhone Lock Sooner

If you leave your iPhone somewhere, you’ll wish you had set it to lock quickly. Tell your phone to prompt for your passcode after no more than one-minute idle time.

Delete the Unknown

Delete emails from people you don’t know. They’re more likely to be dangerous messages, and you don’t want to accidentally click on something malicious.

Reply to iMessages hands-free

Ask Siri to read your new messages. Then dictate your replies.

Watch for Alerts

Soon, Google will begin alerting Gmail users about messages that have come from unencrypted servers.

Don’t Give Out Your Real Number

Selling stuff on Craigslist, online dating, completing an online form -- for all of those occasions when you don’t want to give out your real number, check out Phox at

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